#3 Eleven types of terrible people on trains;don’t be like them!

Just continuing on the issue of meeting people on trains, I must admit that there are many MANY different types of people in the world who I just can’t accept into my life. Loud sneezers is probably one type.

According to News.com.au, there are ELEVEN TYPES OF TERRIBLE TRAIN COMMUTERS :

1. The groomers
2. The headbangers
3. The lovers
4. The screaming loud kids
5. The stinker
6. The eater
7. The drunk
8. The gadget obsessed
9. The seat hog
10. The plain weird
11. The loud phone talkers

And I have seen all of them.  For multiple times.

I should acknowledge that there are a lot of city rail haters because of the reasons shown above and so I thought, if we wanted to have a better public transport lifestyle, shouldn’t we change ourselves first for others?

To read the article : http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/what-ticks-you-off-on-public-transport/story-fneszs56-1226648106410


#2. Do you really think driving is better than catching buses?

A new research has claimed that driving a car can be more stressful than going by bus.

Ugh, I know, A NEW RESEARCH, again. (https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=203470973159222&set=a.197033947136258.1073741826.196026923903627&type=1&theater)

It is totally up to you to believe in this research, I think driving can sometimes be more stressful than catching buses. The reasons could be the police hiding in normal looking cars, getting scared from a police car looking taxi or speeding without realising on M5 tunnel. The consequences of those three things are pretty harsh. My cousin was fined for $600 and got her license suspended when she was driving 80km/h as usual on the M5 tunnel. But it was super unfortunate that she didn’t see the special “60km/h” sign on that special day.

So, how does everyone think of this?


#1. I know it’s difficult to be in a packed train carriage every morning but…

You’re future husband could be waiting for you at central station tomorrow morning.  So stop driving if you need a boyfriend.
This is pretty much what happen to the Sound of Music star Connie Fisher.
She met her husband Reed two years ago on Platform 1 of Cardiff station, when they were both travelling to London for work. Although they talked a bit, they were unable to catch the same train and parted without knowing each other’s contact details.
Reed eventually traced her through a mutual friend and that’s how their romance began.
I understand how it is so difficult to be in a packed train carriage every morning when I’m on my way to my university.
But I should admit, that I actually have made a lot of good friends ( not a future husband, yet) on trains and buses they have made my life much more interesting than it was before.
When I first started university, as in when I was still on my so-called ‘L’s for losers’, I had to catch a bus from my small suburb in Liverpool to Liverpool station, a train from Liverpool station to Central station, then a bus from Central station to my campus.  At first, it was a confusing and exhausting 2hr Sydney public transport adventure. But it then started to become a daily opportunity to make friends for a girl who never had any friends from any other regions of Sydney besides Liverpool.
Not everyone was nice and lovely of course, but there were a lot of interesting people. I met a mega talented violinist who is now my friend and I even got to know some of the people I never knew from my own high school.
So, why don’t you join me from tomorrow? Put your ear phones back into your pocket, iPhone into your bag (it’ll give you a spinal problem if you don’t) and ask the person next to you a random question. Anything’s generic. From your standard.