#5. Parking Parking Parking!


Above picture has been taken from the Sydney Morning Herald, <http://www.smh.com.au/national/forget-petrol-costs-sydney-shares-world-top-billing-for-parking-fees-20090707-dbvv.html >

It’s terrible reality to face when you come back to your car 5 minutes later than your ticket expiry time and there’s a fine on your clean car window. I have personally experienced it a couple of times, even at my own university.

One of the most recent times was when I went to uni to hand in my assignment.I thought it’d take me less than 10 minutes to do it so I paid my ticket worth 15  minutes ( it costed more $5 for that), however, I came back like 10 minutes and I was fined for $101. 101, what an ambiguous number.

As can be seen above, according to research, Sydney’s central business districts are part of world’s most expensive parking spaces. $657 monthly is a huge amount of money; I would have to sell my car to afford that.

So why don’t we attempt to catch buses and trains more often? I know it’s hard to get back on public transport after starting to drive, but it is definitely more cost-efficient.


2 thoughts on “#5. Parking Parking Parking!

  1. The number of times I’ve had to sprint back to my car after a nice dinner is too damn high. It’s difficult to predict how long a dinner will take, and then put the right amount of money into the meter. Public transport problems are nothing compared to the money and stress that goes into street parking.

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