#6. New transport timetable verdict

One of the biggest major changes in Cityrail’s timetable has finally happened and it’s yet to measure its efficiency.

I personally think it has made my train trip much much better, for example, it takes me less than 30 minutes to travel from glenfield station central station now when it used to take me around 40 minutes. Now I get more trains during peak hours on my line, more express trains and consequently, less crowded trains.

But this also means now my train skips a lot of stations, including Beverly Hills, East hills, Panania…etc.

Even though I support people’s use of public transport, I wonder if creating such a major change is a good thing for everyone if one part massively disadvantaged. Cityrail just could’ve added a few extra trains to some of the busiest lines. Not cutting the pre-existing trains.


One thought on “#6. New transport timetable verdict

  1. I like the new timetable too! Actually some of the bus timetables have also been updated. Speaking from personal experience, they make my life slightly easier because I can now be right on time for work. Only hoping that bus drivers would not later disappoint me in the future!
    Public transport has its many benefits. For one thing, it gives us a sense of ‘togetherness’ while heading towards the same destination. Maybe it’s something we need to fight against the epidemic of loneliness.

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