#7. Driving can be as stressful as skydiving.

Audi’s interesting investigation on the emotive aspects of driving! Check out this cool video!

They designed a series of experiments that measure stress and frustration level during real-world driving tasks using physiological sensors and face/body tracking technologies. Audi claims that driving can be as stressful as skydiving, and I absolutely understand where that statement is coming from.

Personally, the biggest frustration I experience during driving is when I’m mega sleepy but I still need to keep driving.

So, what does everyone think? What’s your most annoying/stressful moment when you’re driving?


3 thoughts on “#7. Driving can be as stressful as skydiving.

  1. I wouldn’t say skydiving cos skydiving’s fun at least… Sydney’s road rage is seriously so bad. People get angry at each other because there’s road work on M5. It’s not like drivers are making the road right

  2. I have definitely been accused of road rage more than once in my life (not proud!). I seem to lack the patience for city driving – I always do my best efforts to stay out of peak hour traffic because I cannot for the life of me stand the constant stopping and starting in a manual!! It’s great to see that I am not the only one who seriously stresses out when driving, thank you!

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