#9. I appreciate the existence of public transport, not Cityrail or Busabouts.

Just going back to the verdict on Cityrail’s new train timetable, I just got a very interesting request from this page called “Restore the Inner West Line between Lidcombe & Liverpool” on Facebook to sign a petition to help them restore some of the train lines that have been cut off. The person have reassured me that yes, Cityrail is obviously not the best train company in the world.

A lot of people seem to assume that I’m running this page to praise Cityrail or Busabouts, but through this post, I would really really like to emphasise that I’m doing this campaign because I appreciate the existence of public transport.

About a year ago, I moved to a suburb where there are no buses so I have been forced to drive every single day to go to uni or even just to drive to a station. There’s no where to park at the car park next to the station after 8am in the morning and that’s what made me realise the importance of having public transport in our society.

So please, don’t misunderstand my support towards public transport!

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#8. ugh.road rage


It is exactly how I feel when I’m driving. People get angry when I’m driving 70km/h in a 70km/h zone. I get angry when people speed and make me feel like I’m a loser. Even though we know what is the right way to drive according to what we learnt when we tried to get our L’s, a lot of people start to not follow the rules as they get their red P’s, Green P’s and full license.

As I have mentioned in the previous post, road rage often gives people an extremely high stress level that could be equivalent to the feeling of skydiving.  So, why not catch a bus today and be free of road rage for one day at least?


#3 Eleven types of terrible people on trains;don’t be like them!

Just continuing on the issue of meeting people on trains, I must admit that there are many MANY different types of people in the world who I just can’t accept into my life. Loud sneezers is probably one type.


1. The groomers
2. The headbangers
3. The lovers
4. The screaming loud kids
5. The stinker
6. The eater
7. The drunk
8. The gadget obsessed
9. The seat hog
10. The plain weird
11. The loud phone talkers

And I have seen all of them.  For multiple times.

I should acknowledge that there are a lot of city rail haters because of the reasons shown above and so I thought, if we wanted to have a better public transport lifestyle, shouldn’t we change ourselves first for others?

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